Healing House



The Healing House is more than a place.  It is an experience that offers an escape from the daily pressures of life, recharging your energy and spirit through the healing benefits of massage therapy. As long as you need to decompress, unwind and find peace in your life... we will provide your oasis.  The Healing House has become Hampton Falls' hottest new wellness destination for locals and globe-trotting influencers alike. The Healing House is designed to serve as a sanctuary from the bustling daily life.  All of our elements are aligned with nature and form the ultimate zen environment for optimum relaxation. The Healing House's menu was crafted with the individual in mind with fully customizable enhancements like our crystal healing, Amethyst heat therapy and many others. Come in for a 30 minute foot massage after a long day or book that relaxing 60 minute massage for some real you-time. Our second floor offers classes to enhance your sense of well-being through yoga, sunrise meditations, full moon clearings, and healthy eating workshops. 

Restore Your Body. Reset Your Soul. 


We provide our clients with exceptional service, bodywork, products and gifts.  Each ingredient we use on the body is natural and pure, which allows treatments to be completely efficient, effective and above all else, extraordinary.  Therapeutic Massage includes many different techniques and modalities. Addressing your individual needs is the key to a successful session.  We will use our training, knowledge base, healing hands and skills to address contracted and tight areas of the body... while eliciting a relaxing, fulfilling session. Treatments are tailored to our clients' needs by working synergistically with the recuperative abilities of your body.  Each client brings their own expectations and hopes. Do you sit at a desk and carry tension in your shoulders and back? Are you in the midst of training for a marathon? Does your work or hobby involve strain on your muscles? Are you trying to relieve a particular area of tension, pain or stress? Do you desire a time of relaxation and stillness? You've come to the right place... and to complete the experience, indulge in organic hot tea, the purest filtered water with fresh fruit or cucumber.




"Alisa is a very kind and intuitive massage therapist.  She really listens when we discuss what I would like worked on and she spends time addressing that area.  She often finds other spots that I didn't realize were tight and she does not leave me sore the next day.  Or if I am stressed and looking for relaxation her calm touch and demeanor soothes and refreshes me.  I have been getting massages from Alisa for two years and I highly recommend her."       Amy B, Wakefield, MA

"When you walk into Pamela's room at the Healing House you will immediately feel the positive energy shift and incredible vibration level!! Pam truly has the innate gift to balance you physically and spiritually!! I trust her completely with my issues and feel amazing after a massage session!! The Healing House is a beautiful place to recharge!!"       Lynn M, Newburyport, MA

"Alisa's pace and depth of pressure are spot on.  She is an intuitive, caring human being who loves to give her clients and experience (and not just a session) of deep relaxation and healing.  Her space is absolutely peace filled and will refresh your spirit, as it did mine."   Jenny S, Hamilton, MA

"Alisa is a fabulous massage therapist.  She always makes me feel so much better.  My work can make me tense and give me knots in my back.  She gets rid of all of them.  Also, sometimes my hip comes out a bit and it really hurts my back, Alisa fixes me up in about 10 minutes.  I never knew that I ever needed a massage but with a professional like her, I'm addicted."      Mr. E, Stratham, NH

"I had been having pain in my shoulders and back and came in hoping to get some relief.  Pammie listened while I explained the stress I was feeling and she worked diligently and gently.  She found knots and tension I didn't even know I had! Pammie was very knowledgeable about what I needed and what to avoid.  The next day I felt 6 inches taller! Her studio is clean, relaxing, and inviting. I would recommend without hesitation!"  Melissa P,  Kensington, NH